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Publish your book today so your story will stand the test of time.

Never Far Publishing was founded by a military member during a tour in Afghanistan. The goal was to publish a book for his son hoping it would help teach him important life lessons while he was away.

How it works – In four easy steps.

  • Contact us to get assigned an agent. Then send your agent your thoughts and together you will begin to work on your manuscript

  • Perfect your manuscript and turn your thoughts into something tangible. Then we will send you a contract.

  • Relax while we design your keepsake.

  • Enjoy your published work.

Contract? Yes, you will be a published author!

A contract is in place to protect both parties and ensure we have the rights to keep your work alive in book databases; however, our Keepsake contracts are like no other. We take 0% of sales of your book FOREVER. This means you have FULL CONTROL of selling your book and you keep ALL PROFITS.

Why publish a Keepsake?

Your Keepsake will be loved and cherished forever. Publishing a Keepsake allows your story to be shared with whomever you decide; leaving a permanent legacy of your love. Your Keepsake will stand the test of time.

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